Renowned Vedic Pandit uses Peter Clemens’ Yantras in his authentic Vedic ceremonies…

About Pandit D. N. Sharma

Pandit Dhruv Narain Sharma comes from an unbroken line of Brahmin Vedic Pandits belonging to the Vashistha gotra. He began learning the science of Vedic Recitation and Performance from his Grandfather beginning at the age of six.

Yantras function as consciousness-based portals

…that bridge the gap between the infinitely diverse, objective universe, and boundless Being, the transcendent source, method, expression, sustainer, and observer of all that “IS”. Sacred Yantras are imbued with unique and beneficial attributes validated from earliest recorded history.

They are sought-after and cherished for their ability to foster good-health, create orderliness, and promote harmony.

According to their unique design they are also reputed to confer specific boons and blessings experienced as increased: Self-awareness, wealth, good fortune, and super-natural abilities known as Siddhi powers. As an astrological device these sacred geometric forms improve our overall life experience by mitigating malevolent effects and by increasing positive influences of the planets.

On the Effects of the Sri Yantra

Do sacred geometries such as the Sri Yantra really have powers? Is there more to it than mood making and primitive religious beliefs? Is there any convincing evidence?


One of the most convincing and informative accounts I have come across so far is the paper titled “Art as Technology: Oregon Desert Sri Yantra” written by Bill Witherspoon. If you have time I highly recommend reading the full article which you can find here. It was published in Leonardo (MIT Journal Press) on February 2005.


Waves Become Matter

Dr. Hans Jenny, a pioneer in the field of cymatics, the study of the interrelationship between energy and matter, conducted a series of experiments on the Hindu mantra “OM”, utilizing a tonoscope which is a device that transforms sounds into their visual representations on a screen. Dr Jenny found that when “OM” was correctly intoned into a tonoscope, a circle appeared which is then filled in with concentric squares and triangles, finally producing, as the last traces of the ‘M’ disappear from the screen, the core structure of the Sri Chakra. These experiments are a scientific confirmation of what the Rishis had cognized….


In his research with the tonoscope, Jenny noticed that when the vowels of the ancient languages of Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for these vowels. Experimentation with modern languages generally produced chaos. Is it possible that the ancient Hebrews and Indians knew this? Could there be something to the concept of “sacred language?” Would other sacred languages produce similar results i.e. Tibetan, Egyptian or Chinese. These languages have always proposed that they have the capacity to influence and transform physical reality through the recitation or chanting of sacred syllables and mantras.

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