A yantra is an object. When an object is is operated on by another we call it a machine. Therefore, a yantra is a machine – a machine that can be used to perform an action more efficiently. Machines are invented to enhance life as we know it. This means different things to different people. Everyone strives for success and well-being in life and each of us has different ideas as to what success is, but the underlying desire is the same. The benefits of yantras are widespread. Yantras are machines whose purpose is to help us achieve our desires.

Humanity is flawed. As humans, we are not reliable and we are fickle. Yesterday your problems were so important to you that everyone had to know them. This morning, when you woke up, they weren’t quite as important. When you sleep, you lose your problems and goals because you are not working towards them. In the morning, you may pick them up again, but generally they are not as strong. Sleep, a physical phenomenon, causes these flaws – if you did not have a body you would not sleep.

The ancient Indians needed to create a machine that was not reliant on any physical phenomenon, a machine not dependent on what we as humans do or do not do because as humans we are not reliable. So, they created yantras.

The first Yantras were created in ancient India without using material from the planet because they did not want the nature of a physical element at play. They wanted a machine not dependent on what humans do or do not do because humans are not reliable. Yantras promote health, wealth, prosperity, intelligence and love. They are pure energy embedded in a physical form.

Once you set a goal, even if you are unconscious, even if you are not thinking about it, even if you are focusing on all of your problems, yantras are working in your favor; they only need to be present.