I was recently honored by Pundit Sharma by him asking me to make a Yantra for a yagya he was performing for the highest outcome of the election. I created the Bagalamukhi yantra pictured here – with the knowledge that it would be ceremonially destroyed after the yagya.

Many devout members of the Fairfield community attended the yagya ceremony which lasted from early evening until after midnight.

The following day along with Jennifer Hamilton and Judith Johnson we drove to the Des Moines River in Bettendorf to perform a ceremony of offerings from the yagya. Standing at the water’s edge we began chanting the Gayatri Mantra. Overhead very dark clouds covered the sky resembling a wash board.

As Jennifer began casting grains of rice into the Des Moines River, a large fish jumped clear out of the water right at our feet, splashing us with river water. We were speechless but continued to chant.

As we were casting the flowers into the river, all of a sudden the sun broke through the clouds like a spotlight right at the part of the river where we stood!

And then suddenly from nowhere, a large flock of vultures congregated and began circling in the sunlight, their shadows casting around us. [Vultures are a sign of rebirth and new life in Vedic knowledge.]

We continued to chant while casting the yellow cloth into the river.

Lastly, I cast the Bagalamukhi Yantra that I had made into the river. It floated out into the current for a minute and then slowly was swallowed up by the river. As it began to sink, the clouds started to fill in the opening and all of a sudden it was like the sun switched off, like someone had hit a light switch.

The birds, too, vanished as quickly as they had appeared.

We were all blown away and not much was said all the way home – each lost in the experience.