The presence of Vishnu yantra supports: spontaneity; creativity; ideal leadership; wisdom; nobility in purpose; graceful expression on every level of life!

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The Vishnu yantra is sacred geometry that activates the support of Nature towards the noblest and greatest achievements in all areas of life. Vishnu yantra enlivens joy in living.

This is a great yantra to support the expression of one’s life in dharma – becoming the highest expression of who and what you are. Vishnu yantra aligns the individual with Divine awareness and life purpose.

The Vishnu yantra supports mental and physical health, the development of intuition, insight and courageous, joyous right action.  This yantra is ideal for everyone and especially for artists, scientists, people in the public realm, students and spiritual aspirants that are householders or working in the world of action and achievement.  If seeking to align with one’s highest life purpose, the Vishnu yantra will inspire and support that discovery and expression.