SHIVA SHAKTI (Woodtone Blue Red)


The Shiva Shakti yantra enhances harmony in relationships, marital bliss, success in life, and spiritual expansion while remaining grounded.


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The Shiva Shakti Yantra is sacred geometry that generates the perfect balance between opposites in all aspects of life. This Yantra Blessing expresses the harmonious union of Shiva and Shakti in the state of Bliss-Samadhi.  Having the Shiva Shakti yantra in view supports the expression of unity in diversity, integration of mind, body and Spirit, balancing the divine feminine and the divine masculine in the psyche and joy in living.

This powerful combination of Shiva and Shakti supports inner and outer harmony. The yantra is ideal for:

  • -marriage and family life
  • -merging businesses
  • -expanding or combining spiritual practices
  • -environmental rejuvenation
  • -supporting mental and emotional health.
  • -balancing Vastu energy