The Moon is a feminine vibration and is associated with receptivity, love, intuition, motherhood and the ability to be nurturing.  Moon is our capacity to be happy, and as ruler of the mind it is our gateway to the finer feelings in life. This Moon Yantra is especially beneficial for people with debilitated or afflicted Moon in the birth chart.

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 A weak placement of Moon in the birth chart disturbs ones emotional and mental balance which can give rise to a lack of confidence and courage in facing the ever-present changes in life. Depression, being overly sensitive and experiencing volatile emotions are also effects of a weak moon. The Moon Yantra is the solvent that can dissolve these disturbances in ones life. This beautiful Moon Yantra will help restore balance to the mind and emotions and will soothe the heart with blessings of a peaceful life.


The Moon Yantra will provide upliftment to life by:

  • -Smoothing the waves of depression
  • -Balancing the emotions and mood
  • -Healing the strain in relationships
  • -Providing a peaceful life
  • -Improving a difficult relationship with the mother or mother-figure
  • -Increasing intuition
  • -Improving access to the Divine Feminine within