The benefits of the Mars yantra: bestows strength to triumph over obstacles; soothes the ill effects of Mars in one’s astrological chart; defends the person from all inauspicious effects such as diseases, debts, anger and accidents; wards off the evil effects for those who have Mars in their first, forth, seventh and tenth houses; increases vitality, strength, courage and ability to take risks.

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Mars yantra, the yantra of planet Mars or Mangal, bestows the divine, fortunate and positive blessings of the planet Mars.

Mangal, Mars yantra is the divine giver of all goodness in life. It is ruled by Lord Surya (Sun) and so the worshiper would receive the brilliance in life from the Lord Sun as well.

The another significance of Mars / Mangal yantra resides in the arena of marriage as it reduces the obstacles of those seeking happiness in marriage. This Mars Yantra is believed to be highly beneficial for the conjugal aspects of human life.

The celestial powers of Mars Yantra bring quick results and bring prosperity and peace in life besides enhancing the power of fortune to turn everything into success even the failures would bring good results in the end.