Blessings for Wealth, Material Comforts, and Successful Life.

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According to ancient mythology, Kuber is known as the God of Wealth and it is believed that by worshiping him one can attain all the wealth and riches one desires. The Kuber Yantra is very powerful and can even help one regain lost wealth. As one’s prosperity grows, so does one’s happiness, peace and success in life!

The Kuber Yantra glorifies the lives of:

  • Business holders who yearn to flourish in their trade
  • People who struggle to regain their lost wealth
  • People who desire to acquire material comforts
  • People who strive to improve their life style
  • Persons wishing to increase their income stream
  • People who need more positive cash flow


The Kuber Yantra is a positive energy device used by Lord Kuber to shower riches, luck, and blessings of good fortune upon you.