Blessings for Expansion of Knowledge, Improved Relationship with one’s Spiritual Benefactors, and Success in Life. The Great Benefactor. The planet of Good Fortune. Blessings for Wealth, Vision, Faith, Optimism, Loyalty, Wisdom and Confidence.

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Astrologically, Jupiter (Lord Guru) is the significator of wealth, fame, children, higher education, banks, religion. Having Jupiter Yantra in view will enhance these aspects in one’s life.

Jupiter rules one’s capacity for knowledge, spiritual interests, ego and temperament. The Jupiter Yantra will amplify one’s thirst for knowledge and bring about positive results in all endeavors as well as curb any possible malefic effects of Jupiter in one’s astrological chart.

The Jupiter Yantra enhances the lives of:

•  People who wish to stimulate their religious interests.
•  People who yearn to expand their knowledge.
•  People who strive for success in their sphere of life.
•  People who suffer from the ill effects of Jupiter in their Birth Chart.
•  People who wish to improve their relationships with their spiritual benefactors.
•  People who wish to give good service as mentors to others.

Best placed facing east or north or on a sacred altar.