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The Goddess Chinnamasta is the sixth Mahavidya (Great Wisdom Goddess), she symbolizes our connection to the eternal light. The flash of divine light emanates from her; something you may feel as a spark of intuition or insight when you get out of your mind for a moment. This energy is located in the third eye and is a point of union for the functions of the physical body and the direct connection with spirit.

In the figurative image of the Goddess Chinnamasta she has severed her own head which she is holding in one hand, there is a weapon in the other hand. This image represents the cutting away from our limited chattering mind and identity with our ego, which allows for a deep connection to higher states of consciousness. Chinnamasta has three spurts of blood coming up through her body (Ida, Pingala and Sushumna) and seen looping through the sky from her neck. One spurt feeds her own self, and the other two feed her two female attendants. Here she is nourishing the three aspects of herself with her wisdom and generosity.

If you ever feel like getting out of your head, call on Chinnamasta. She will help you on your spiritual path to move beyond your conditioning and habitual thinking to a place of freedom and understanding. Working with her Yantra awakens this insight within you to overcome conditions that have left you in the dark and reveals the passage of light available to you at this time.