Blessings for victory over enemies, law suits, success in quarrels & competitions. This Yantra provides relief from all kinds of sufferings in life and helps one on the journey of Moksha (liberation).

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Baglamukhi is the goddess of power and strength. The Baglamukhi Yantra is a very powerful and effective Yantra for achieving success over enemies, victory in court cases and competitions. Worshipping her provides relief from evil powers, superficial obstacles and all kinds of fears.

Since disease is also considered a major “enemy” of mankind, this Yantra also offers protection against diseases, chronic problems, cuts, scars, operations and accidents. It is a known cure for Vata imbalance.

Traditionally, this Yantra was to be drawn using turmeric, or dhatura flowers juice and worshipped by wearing a yellow dress, with yellow flowers and yellow beads.

It is believed that Baglamukhi Yantra provides relief from all kinds of sufferings in life and freedom from the cycle of life and death, thus providing Moksha (salvation). It makes family life more harmonious and peaceful and removes all negative energies from your surroundings.