When people read or study material they tend to forget it immediately. Memorizing material and regurgitating it has become more important than truly understanding it. Regardless of your thoughts on education, it is more important than ever for children to rote memorize material for their exams. The general effect caused by these types of standardized testing is cramming for a test and forgetting everything the next day. Many children are fearful of examinations and forget everything they learned when it really matters. People study, but are never taught how to study.

Goddess Saraswati is the bestower of wisdom, education, intellect and speech. A carefully prepared Saraswati Yantra enhances the knowledge of the devotee. Worshiping this yantra allows students to perform well on examinations, concentrate their energy, and fill their mind with positive thought. Saraswati blesses the devotee with intuitive skills and a creative mind, which allows them to understand music, dance and other creative arts.

Yantras are symbols of sacred geometry that remind us of the beauty and peace that we already are. The benefits of yantras are endless and extend much further than those mentioned within. Armed with this knowledge, you too can find success and well-being in your life. Take a look at the different types of yantras we offer that promote the benefits of yantras we just discussed: health, wealth, prosperity, intelligence, and love.