Love is a force of nature. It is bigger than you or me. You can search for love, but not dictate how, when and where love will express itself. You can chose to surrender to love, but in the end it strikes like a lightning bolt – quick and unpredictable. Love radiates independently from our fears and desires. It cannot be bought or sold. It is not a substance, commodity and it is not tangible; love is a force of nature.

These days, millions of people use online dating sites to search for romantic partners. Marketers exploit our need to be loved and sell us everything from hair products and deodorant. The fundamental problem with this search is that it is for the emotional high of ‘falling in love’, which generally doesn’t last long. The honeymoon phase of a relationship lasts a year at best. After the honeymoon phase, couples start to isolate themselves, stop caring about their partner and end up divorced.

Yantras are machines invented to enhance life as we know it and enhancing human interactions is one of the benefits of yantras. Worshiping the Katyayani Yantra helps obtain a partner of one’s choosing. Those facing issues in their married lives also benefit from the yantra. It blesses couples with a fruitful and happy marriage and helps those who are facing difficulties be together.

Love itself will teach us. We don’t live on the peak of universal love. We have to climb to it and then descent in order to share what we have found with others. The Katyayani Yantra enhances that process.