The Yantra Man

I was led by Spirit to make sacred yantras.

“After having spent 7 years on a deep meditation course, I was led by Spirit to make sacred yantras. This work has become my spiritual path. I use prescribed Vedic formulas of geometry, symbolism and color as I cut and paint each yantra by hand, using techniques that combine woodworking, faux painting, gilding and natural finishes.

It is a wonderful feeling when you know you are doing just the right thing in your life. When the full scope of all you have done in a lifetime is now converging into your work. When the work is truly your play and the joy of it infuses not only the project at hand, but every breathing moment otherwise.”

This is how Peter Clemens, Fairfield Yantra artist, is feeling and living these days. And with good reason.


Peter’s creative life is filled with the inspired production of three dimensional yantras, the sacred geometrical science of ancient India, crafted from his mind, hands, and most importantly, his heart. This is a spiritual practice for him. These jewel-like representations of elemental natural forces of the Divine flow through him into expression through humble medium – wood and paint.

These yantras now grace the spaces of homes around the world.

As with any true artistic process, these yantras glow with attention to proportion, color and his vital devotion. Through an intimate connection with his intuition and surrendered to being guided by that…

He has become a vehicle for the science of yantra to express itself.

This is how it has ever been. Just like mantras as the primal vibrations of Consciousness, have effects that are known, yantras are forms whose effects are known as the primal geometrical expressions of Consciousness. That is why there are so many. For instance, yantras can bring influences of spiritual and material abundance, clearance of obstacles, health and vitality among many other balancing, nourishing qualities into the life. And, on top of all that, they are really beautiful…even enchanting!


The experience of gazing at and being near these lovely expressions of yantra that Peter creates out of consciousness and his heart is consistent.

People all over the world now who have bought these yantras have shared that they have become treasured focal points in their homes and how they radiate beauty and intelligent influences in their lives.

For Peter, this is both deeply gratifying and humbling. He knows how innocent and dedicated his life work has become. The Divine flows through the artist. And the gift of the artist is to share that experience with others who are then uplifted and transformed. In this story, the sacred forms of Yantra have found a heart and hand to do just that.

“I pray my YantraBlessings will cherish your family for generations to come.”


Be sure watch a brief, 2-minute, fascinating video of the process that Peter employs to make each original Yantra.