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Yantras are sacred geometric designs created into inspired works of art -- a visual instrument which conducts cosmic forms of energy working to enhance the life of an individual.

Yantras provide beneficial and harmonious effects in the environments in which they are placed.

Yantras have the power to remove the malefic effect of planets and bring to one's life increased positivity, prosperity, abundance, healing and good luck.



Yantras can significantly enhance your life. People who have brought a Yantra into their home or office have reported:


  • Increased wealth and prosperity
  • Greater health and vitality
  • More harmony in relationships
  • Enhanced intuition and creativity
  • Greater power for success


“Peter has created an amazing dynamic through his Yantra art that captures the Divine energies of the great Vedic path. I have been blessed to include his works in my home and company. They add beauty, grace, and very positive transformational energies to all who interact with them. The quality of his prints are beyond compare. We are all blessed as a result of his sacred offerings!”

– Charles Richard Ren Cotton, Calgary, Canada


“When I saw the Mrityunjaya Yantra hanging on the wall at Revelations I was immediately drawn by it’s radiant energy and knew it would be perfect for our healing center. Apart from the Mrityunjaya Yantra’s calming and healing influence, Peter’s beautiful and impeccably crafted artwork blends perfectly with the cherry wood throughout our health center. I love that just by viewing it every day I can feel waves of peace flow over me.”

– Gary Boucherle


“We just built a sthapatyaveda home in 2002 with a wonderful brahmasthan room that has a 24 foot ceiling and 8 ceiling skylights.  We wanted a special work of art to bless the space. Over the years we found things to adorn the space but when I saw the Shree Yantra in the Revelations Bookstore, I knew it was the special art form for our home. I gave the Shree Yantra to my wife on her birthday and when I unveiled the work of art, she was in awe. She was overwhelmed with joy. I feel peace everytime I walk by the Shree Yantra sitting on our table in the brahmasthan. Thank You, Peter.”

– Dr. Michael Eisner  Fairfield, Iowa


“We commissioned a Yantra from Peter with specific colors, and we are absolutely thrilled with it! Peter delivered not only an astoundingly beautiful piece of art, but also one that supports our lives, our spiritual growth, and the harmony in our home. As soon as we received it and hung it on our wall, the atmosphere in our home softened palpably. We felt as if the Divine was gently embracing us. Everyone who visits us comments on it’s aesthetic beauty, and how good our home feels. We can’t praise Peter Clemens enough for his gifts of skilled artisanship, beautiful heart, and pure devotion to his work.”

– Gerry & Michael Moore



“It changed our business at Revelations. Things that had been difficult in the past became easier. If something breaks down, the service man shows up instantly to fix it. If we want something done like tearing up carpet or putting in fans, it just seems to happen instantly and effortlessly. We noticed an increase in our sales. It has been nothing but positive for us.”

– Betsy, Owner of Revelations Cafe


“I purchased a Durga Yantra on display at Revelations because it was such a beautiful work of art and it moved me. I am a massage therapist and placed it in my office to view while working. I find that its presence seems to dispel any unwanted energies from my office environment. I also commissioned the artist Peter to make a Shri Yantra for my new tiny house in violet and green colors. It turned out to be beautiful and something I will treasure as the “heart” of my home. The Shri Yantra supports a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere and it gives me such a feeling of well-being whenever I gaze at it. “

– Wenonah Carter


“We enjoy the subtle beauty of Peter’s Ganesha Yantra at the entry to our home and studio. Peter says, “Ganesha is the gate way to Mother Divine and blesses all who enter.” In addition, we deeply appreciate Peter’s artistic creation of the Kameshwari Yantra in our living room. The color mixtures and design is outstanding.”

– John and Mary Ida, Fairfield IA



“I have 3 original Peter Clemens’ yantras in my home: Shiva Shakti, Shri Gayatri and Ganesha. There was a palpable change in the overall feeling in my home that other people have remarked on. Qualities of peacefulness, happiness and inner silence have become amplified by the influence of the yantras. Also my business which I run from my home has been steadily growing and my husband and I have been enjoying abundant energy and good health! I would highly recommend that you add one of these beautiful and powerful yantras to your home and enjoy the benefits!”

– JHM, Fairfield IA



“I am a long time meditator and spiritual practitioner/seeker who has over the past few years been drifting away from my regular practice. On the advice of a friend I ordered Gayatri Yantra print custom framed from Peter Clemens. After hanging it up in my home where I constantly view it, my spiritual practice has been kick-started. I believe this is wholly as a result of have this beautiful Yantra in my presence.”

– A.S., Fairfield IA



“I originally bought one of Peter’s Yantras because I was struck by its fine level of craftsmanship. I mounted it in the area between the dining room and living room, which is a central hub in my house. Right away I noticed and effect. The Yantra seemed to make the energy of the house more orderly and aligned. I had not expected to feel or sense anything, and was surprised by this effect. These yantras are truly remarkable.

– Jonathan Mayhew



“I commissioned Peter to make a Durga Yantra for me because strength has always been one of the virtues I prayed for in my daily life. Of course the Yantra had to be for Durga who offers strength to women all over the world, helping us to see our lives as a blessing, despite some often difficult challenges. It worked and two years later I commissioned Peter to make a protective Tara Yantra for my daughter.”

– Anonymous



“Walking into Revelations after not having been there for a very long time, I came face to face with Peter’s Yantra display and I have to say I was blown away. I was strongly drawn to them; and even though I was not in a financial position to make a  purchase at that first encounter, I knew deep down intuitively I had to have them. So over the next 2 months I acquired 4 prints and have been enjoying these blessings ever since on a personal level and environmental level in terms of home and atmospheric harmonizing effects. In some odd way I feel like they chose me. I highly recommend.”

– Dakota

Experience the Benefits of a Yantra


Yantras are symbols of sacred geometry. Traditional shapes, colors and designs of ancient Vedic forms are used to generate each yantra’s specific energies. The benefits of yantras are endless and extend much further than those mentioned on this page.


Yantras are very often used to increase the beneficial effects, or decrease the negative effects, of one’s astrological influences.

It’s easy and affordable to see for yourself what benefits a Yantra can bring to your life.

Gain the Blessings of a Yantra


Every distinctive Yantra emits a specific frequency of energy that provides benefic and harmonious results for those who gaze upon them. They are pure energy embedded in a physical form.
Yantras are vehicles whose purpose is to help us achieve our desires.

The Sri Yantra is the most powerful and important Yantra because all Yantras derive from it.

These sacred primordial shapes express the fundamental forces of nature that govern the world we live, establishing a resonance with these spiritual energy fields of the universe.



  • Improved skills and talents
  • Greater courage and self-confidence
  • Protection from deadly accidents or negative energy
  • Joyous family life
  • Increased good fortune

Yantras have been used for thousands of years to rectify and balance any architectural or environmental problems in homes or workplaces.


After having spent years in deep meditation, Peter R. Clemens was led by spirit to make sacred Yantras. This work has become his spiritual path.

He uses prescribed Vedic formulas of sacred geometry, symbolism and color. “I allow Spirit to guide me”, says Peter, as he cuts, creates and paints each Yantra.

“I pray my YantraBlessings will grace lives for generations to come.”

Experience the Benefits of a Yantra

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Experience the Benefits of a Yantra



Got questions? Feel free to directly contact the artist, Peter R. Clemens, at any time. Email:    Phone: 641-451-0642.





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